Debug Consulting Company Limited has been established with the team that has a strong expertise in IT Security. Our team has over 10 years in various types of IT security service.


  • Technology

    Debug Consulting's team effectively designs, implements and integrates security solutions within an organization’s infrastructure.

  • Policy

    Planning and development services help clients rapidly create and deploy comprehensive security policies, standards, guidelines and operating procedures designed to align with best practices and satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Managed

    Managed Security Services combines a breadth of security technologies, intelligence, analytics, and a team of world-class experts that only we can provide.


Information security awareness training is a process to ensure that your employees realise the risks to your information assets and understand and accept their specific responsibilities for protecting them.
Debug Consulting's can provide either common or customised training content through on-site trainers. All training content is in plain speak, free of technical jargon and includes current hacking examples and best practice

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